“Start by doing what’s necessary; Then do what’s possible; And suddenly you are doing the impossible”
Francis of Assisi

What We Do

The human brain is amazing! It is highly skilled and organised. It is like a computer that manages and controls all aspects of human behaviour and movement. The brain has got an incredible ability to heal and it achieves this by the process of rewiring (called neuro-plasticity). For rewiring to take place movement needs to be repeated and practised regularly as you would when learning a new skill such as playing golf or an instrument.

Your First Appointment

An in-depth assessment of your motor, sensory and cognitive ability is completed to enable us to formulate a treatment plan. This will be specific to your needs and based on your personal goals.

Ongoing Therapy

This treatment is provided within your own home, this will consist of one to one time with a therapist, teaching self-management strategies, providing exercise programmes and working jointly with family and carers if required.

Treatment at Home

By receiving treatment at home, you can immediately begin carrying out new tasks in your own environment. Also, by providing treatment at home we are able to assess any potential risks for carrying out the exercises and adjust them to your environment.

We are in a unique position to work jointly as occupational therapist and physiotherapist to provide therapy in situations where more than one therapist is required to facilitate safe, effective rehabilitation.


We can work jointly with the NHS and other health care providers to enhance your recovery.

Where necessary we can make onward referrals.

Rehabilitation means different things to different people; whatever it means to you Lincolnshire Neuro Rehabilitation can provide help and advice.

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